When Social Networking isn’t the Answer?

14 09 2009


I recently came across an article written a little over a year ago that rings ever-true today. In a marketplace dominated by a “need” for social networking, the bandwagon is getting pretty full. Helen Walters of Business Week recently wrote a case study on web design entitled Community. She establishes that not every situation requires a social networking or community-centered tool. Hot studio developed the Open Architecture Network (OAN) for Architecture for Humanity (AfH), a nonprofit, humanitarian-focused architecture charity. “All clients start out saying they want a community, but who’s going to manage it once it’s built?” asks Maria Giudice of Hot Studio. “You can’t just put up a community and expect that it’ll magically run itself.”

Hot Studio ended up recasting the Open Architecture Network from its initial brief as an open-source community for architects. “Through research we realized that it wasn’t a Web site they needed, it was an ecosystem of sites,” says Giudice. “There was a bigger vision that wasn’t just about a community, but about accomplishing discrete goals for different people in a holistic way.”




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