Beta Project Use Case Scenario

13 10 2009

Description of Idea

An interactive map that allows users to upload photos,describe positive interactions with members of the conflicting culture, and explain why they want peace in the region. This map will be multi-layered to show images and individuals who uploaded them, as well as the three primary regions- Israel proper, Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The interactive maps are part of my thesis: A Design-Centric Campaign to Rebrand the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The hub of the campaign will be a website, which will house the map application.

A potential scenario for use of my product/idea:

16 year old Nashani is walking home from school. She is Palestinian but lives just across the boarder in Israel near the West bank. She must walk through a checklist every day which can take up to 2 hours just to get through. She see’s a girl from school, an Israeli who is having trouble with her papers, speaking to a Palestinian guard. Well, Nashani helped her peer by speaking to the guard and they walk to school together, eventually becoming friends.

Nashani decided to document this occurance to spread the opportunity for peace between Israelis and Palestinians by visiting my site and uploading a photo she took of herself and her friend, and describing the interaction.




One response

14 10 2009
carla g

this is all 2D, but similar to your array of images that can be singly clicked upon to open an enlargement >>×10.html

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