Thoughts on Alpha Critique

10 11 2009

Picture 3

multi-tier view


Insert Interaction

As I was the last student to present, the crowd was a little subdued and tired, however, I did get some positive feedback that I have considered for my initial revisions (The styleframes I presented are located above). The application is an interactive map that allows users to look at common information in a multitude of ways. Users are also empowered with the ability to communicate freely and openly with other users- ideally, positive communication will take place between Palestinians and Israelis to forge a better understanding of each other and the conflict.

The application will live on the hub website for my campaign to rebrand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The feedback I did receive was primarily that the visuals weren’t “young” enough, with which I definitely agree. The icons, for one, don’t seem to belong to the same family. And they don’t inspire interaction. The stark background could be sprused up a bit and the typography, although universal- utilizing helvetica, isn’t dynamic enough to draw the attention of a teenager- especially one in the west bank or Israel.

Concerning the content- a very good point was made about the sort of information offered: instead of basic demographic info., there should be music, movies, sports, common interests and hobbies that young people enjoy. Also, because the point of the application is to empower unity and break down barriers, there should be a view option for all areas.




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