Brilliant Typographic Creation for Learning Japanese

12 10 2009


Michael Johnson, of the graphic design firmĀ Johnson Banks, spends a lot of time traveling to Japan. Nonetheless, he still can’t read the language. It drives him crazy. So they’ve responded with a brilliant design: A hybrid Japanese/English typeface, in which Katakana syllables are embedded with phonetic pronunciations. It’s called, naturally, Phonetikana.


Facebook’s Israeli-Palestinian Problem

10 10 2009

map of Israel

Facebook was recently under fire from Israeli citizens who were automatically listed as Syrian, due to their location in the Golan Heights region- acquired by Israel in the 6 Day War of 1967.

Article here or click on the map.

Israeli-Palestinian Interaction- Flash

10 10 2009
Click to Interact

Click to Interact

Good Stuff at Fast Company- Masters of Design

8 10 2009

Picture 2

Scroll Through Some Interesting Interaction Designs

6 10 2009


From the Interaction Design Blog

Interactive Beta Project

5 10 2009



For my beta project, I intend to create an interactive map that documents positive interactions between Israelis and Palestinians in their respective and co-inhabited territories . The application will live on a website dedicated to my campaign to rebrand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The website will be the hub of the campaign, which will reach from the web onto the streets with posters and other collateral to inspire evoke a collaborative approach to peace between the vying cultures.

This interactive map will be more than a map, though. It will created by the people to be recognized as an ethnographic representation of peace in one of the most volatile locations on Earth. Below are instances of my research into interactive flash maps…

Picture 4

Picture 2

The Online Buddy-Effect

5 10 2009


I just scoured through a couple articles on the phenomenon that holds a lot of potential, and has shown to be crucial in this new wave of advertising and promotion: the buddy effect. It has also been a force behind obesity, taking up smoking, and quitting smoking. Our friends have more of an influence over us than anyone really appreciates. Naturally, with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, our interests and habits are taken online and have become even more visible.